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Brilliant Collaboration, Brilliant Family

Brilliance is what I have observed the past couple of weeks in the Gallery Church Family. I’ve seen the brilliant skill and servant’s heart of Mark Gebel as he prepared plans for a new stage build out @ the Salt Space and in just three days led a team of servants to finish the majority of the project. It looks so good. Greg Hitt picked up what appeared to be a trashed keyboard/organ on his way to church, plugged it in and has been using it…absolutely brilliant. PJ, Gillian, Hitt, and Corey Boyd led for our Sunday night gathering which happened to be a City Uprising gathering as well and knocked it out of the park! Hearing the students from City Uprising reflect on that evening has been lots of fun. Their faces were rocked off. Aaron Coe and his vision for City Uprising…brilliant. Jen Brown with her trusty side kick Neil along with a host of other creative servants launched into Union Square for the Future’s project…truly brilliant. The art show begins tonight @ 8pm. It is a great privilege to be part of such a brilliant family @ The Gallery Church.

(photos by Rachel Chester)

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